Hot Topic

Design, Web

ShockHound is a division of Hot Topic — an explosion of music culture, filled with millions of MP3s, a massive selection of band merch, exclusive band interviews and videos, and a social network of music addicts. The artwork below were home page banners — front and center — to announce new content and special deals.



Large format displays and marketing materials were often needed for Hot Topic's 600+ store locations. Torrid (a division of Hot Topic) would also engage the ShockHound team for visual assistance for its 150+ stores.

Email Marketing


Email blasts were sent out regularly to ShockHound's opt-in customers. and ShockHound would joint venture with bands and music artists to bring exclusive merchandise to relevant Myspace users and fans. Visuals and messaging would take up prime real estate on Myspace Artist pages and also sent to fans via email marketing campaigns.